The curator Luis Perez-Oramas, along with Andre Severo, Tobi Maier and Isabella Villanuevo, chose 110 artists from around the world whose work will be clustered into thematic 'constellations'' at the Ciccillo Matarazzo pavilion. The premise of the show is The Imminence of Poetics, an exploration of the discursive strategies or platforms enable expressive acts of artistic nature. More info: Biennial São Paulo 2012.
Luis Perez Oramas has write: 'the work of  Hans Eijkelboom is to these times what August Sander's work was for the beginning of the XXth Century and it is my dream and my intention to have in São Paulo both, Sander's People of the XXth Century for the very first time ever exhaustively shown (638 pictures) and Eijkelboom's Photo Notes in a similar, monumental and exhaustive manner. These two poles of the XXth and XXIst Centuries, Sander and Eijkelboom, will be along other artists, whose work will punctuate an entire chapter of the Biennial devoted to typologies -not only through photographic means, as for example we plan to have a significant selection of Absalon's cells and habitacles- as well as to alterforms through which we see accomplished today the survival of key modern ideas -seriality, grids, repetition and difference- that continue to inform contemporary artistic practices.'
News: Hans Eijkelboom is one of the participants of the 30th São Paulo Biennial 2012,
7 September -  9 December 2012
Interview 1: Hans Eijkelboom

Interview 2: Hans Eijkelboom

Photo impression exhibition